Saturday, May 23, 2009

FHM Blog Update

This would be may last few posting as this blog is not bring in the revenue I was hoping. (2 ads clicks in 60K over views?)

So guys sit back and enjoy the last few postings. Below are the top 10 finalist for Singapore FHM GND 2009. 

Singapore FHM Girls Next Door 2009

GND 01 - Jasmine Li

GND 02 - Willynn Ng
GND03 - Kris Teng

GND04 -  Jojo Lai

GND05 - May Wu

Singapore FHM Girls Next Door 2009

GND 06 - Chrishirl Teng

GND 07 - Celestina Tiew

GND 08 - Summer Lee

GND 09 - Braberry Paula Elizabeth

GND 10 - Jessebella Tan

Monday, April 20, 2009

S Factor Episode 3

S Factor Episode 3. Surpise surpise Sonia gets the boot!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

FHM Party Video

The video below are some of the footage during the FHM girls next door 2009 party at Zicra. Remember to vote for them

-SMS- (FHM5) (GND001-100) (your name) (your NRIC number) (your email address) to 73388

Next are some of the photo shoot of the Girls Next Door. One of them is even from PRC. Yes! China. Surprise surprise.

I also notice many of my visitor are coming from a pretty nice blog about girls as well.